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You Have The Freedom To Be Healthy

As the 4th of July Holiday is approaching we think of this holiday as celebrating our Freedom here in America. So let’s chat today about the Freedom to be healthy.

As a Physician Health Coach, one of things that I teach to the individuals that I work with is the concept of mindfulness; being mindful of what we consume, why we are consuming certain foods or drinks in that moment, why we are intentionally moving our bodies in that moment, what messages we are sending to ourselves; so being mindful of yourself and for your wellbeing.

With that mindfulness comes the additional freedom of choice to be the director of your health and have the freedom to feel your best self.

You may not be aware of how to develop that level of awareness and freedom, and that’s why I’m here.

You do have the freedom to be healthy because you have access to the 3 things I’ll share with you to attain this freedom.

  1. Access to quality healthcare and health education. If you are watching this right now, you have access whether by way of watching all of the Friday Facts series, catching the Essence of Health Tea Time Podcast, joining the free Nourish and Flourish Challenge, or even kicking it up a notch by becoming a coaching client in my Signature Coaching Program. This is your access to have the freedom to be healthy.

  2. The ability to prevent and reverse disease. Yes, this is certainly possible with health conditions like high blood pressure, pre-diabetes, diabetes, and high cholesterol. With the proper guidance and personalized strategies for you and your health conditions, we are able to work together to prevent and reverse these health conditions. And for other conditions like polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), that don’t have a cure per say, we are certainly able to suppress those unwanted effects of this health condition by tailoring your personalized health and wellness plan to get rid of that acne, irregular menstrual cycles, facial hair, and persistent weight gain. PCOS is a condition of the hormones and insulin resistance. Much like our other conditions of insulin resistance including pre-diabetes and diabetes; these conditions respond and improve quickly with the tools that are given in The Essence of Health Signature Coaching Program.

  3. Access to care that treats you as a unique individual. A one size fits all approach to health and wellness is a hindrance to you achieving your full freedom to be healthy. You are unique. You don’t have the same daily schedule as others; you don’t live in the same household; you don’t have the exact same health challenges; you don’t have the same access to grocery stores or cooking supplies. So why should you put a damper on your uniqueness by putting yourself into a box and trying to go it alone with a do it yourself health program. With one on one coaching with an expert, you aren’t put into a one size fits all box. You are free to live life out of the box until a sustainable health and wellness plan that actually works for you is achieved.

This Independence Holiday, celebrate your freedom to be healthy by taking the leap and putting your health and wellness as the top priority this year.

The Essence of Health is in You!


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