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How does this differ from a traditional Primary Care practice?

The goal of Essence of Health has always been to restore whole-body wellness and improve lives through accessible healthcare. 

In keeping with this goal, our focus is on preventative care and chronic disease management. This includes preventing and reversing the symptoms of diseases like hypertension, diabetes, high cholesterol, heart disease, obesity, gastrointestinal diseases, and more. You can think of Dr. Toombs-Withers as your preventative/chronic care consultant. 

Within the realm of this health and wellness model, Dr. Toombs-Withers offers:

  • Plant-based nutrition counseling

  • Well adult exams

  • Chronic Disease Management

  • Well child exams

  • Gynecological exams

  • Family planning

  • Medication assisted Weight Loss Therapy

  • Menopausal care and hormone therapy

  • Mental health medication management

  • Smoking cessation management

  • Sports physicals

  •  DOT physicals


What age range do you treat?

Our new model of care is perfect for patients seeking accessible healthcare from ages 12 - 100 years-old and up.


How do I schedule an appointment?


If I already have a Primary Care Physician (PCP), can they receive my health information?

Yes, think of Dr. Toombs-Withers as your preventative/chronic care consultant. We are happy to forward your medical records and consultative notes to your PCP after every appointment so that they can stay in the know about your care.


What services will not be offered?

Urgent care services will not be offered to those who are not members of the Lifestyle Medicine Membership Program. For acute ailments we encourage you to visit your primary care physician or go to your local urgent care facility or emergency room. 

Hospital care services are not offered. For all emergencies, we encourage you to go to the nearest emergency room. Your care within the hospital will be managed by the hospitalist team at your desired hospital.


Do you take Walk-ins?

No. Our appointments are scheduled with the goal of providing an un-rushed, concierge experience so we are unable to accept unscheduled visits.


How will this transition differ from Direct Primary Care (DPC)?

Instead of our previous direct primary care (DPC) model only, we will be shifting to offer a Lifestyle Medicine Membership as well as a fee-for-service model for Non-members. This means payment will be collected at the time of service for in-office and telehealth appointments, as opposed to a monthly subscription. No membership is required.

Office and telehealth visits will include up to 60 minutes of 1:1 time with Dr. Toombs-Withers, private email access for questions in between sessions, and a personalized, accessible healthcare experience with no wait times in a comfortable atmosphere.


Do you accept insurance?

No, health insurance plans will not be billed by Essence of Health Wellness Clinic & Coaching. However, your insurance plan may be used to cover any necessary lab testing and prescription medications.

Because we work outside the constraints of private health insurance, we are able to continue to offer heavily discounted lab fees. 

We are now partnering with Reimbursify to allow patients to submit the bill for their services to their insurance company to cover some or all of your Essence of Health expenses. We will be considered an out-of-network office, but some private plans do reimburse for certain out-of-network expenses. Check with your private healthcare insurance plan for more details on out-of-network coverage.


I have additional questions that are not listed here. How can I get more information?

You can schedule a free consultation with Dr. Toombs-Withers at your convenience using this link:

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