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Pricing Model

At Essence of Health Wellness Clinic, we are rewriting the rules of the traditional healthcare model. Our transparent pricing model ensures that you always know how much each service costs, and our compassionate approach aims to take the stress of out of medical bills by offering  assistance with insurance reimbursement and pay-later options. It is our mission to offer quality, affordable healthcare tailored to you.



Our health and wellness coaching clients have access to:

In-office physical exams with labs at a rate of $225

Virtual doctor's appointments at a rate of $115

25% off other services provided by Essence of Health

FREE body composition assessments for clients enrolled in our Gold Coaching Plan and Weight Management Plan



Our Preventative and Chronic Care Clients have access to:

In-office physical exams including appropriate labs to manage your condition  at a rate of $300

Virtual doctor's appointments at a rate of $150

InBody 570 assessments for $50 for a single assessment, or a package of 5 assessments for $200



Essence of Health Wellness Clinic strives to provide affordable healthcare for patients of all walks of life. While we do not bill insurance providers, we are partnering with Reimbursify to help you submit your bill to your insurance company for reimbursement  for all or some of our services. In addition, we offer pay-later options for patients who are unable to pay their bill upfront. 


Discover affordable healthcare and price transparency when you join us at Essence of Health today.

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