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Health, Wellness & Nutrition

Essence of Health is proud to offer a personalized take on wellness coaching. Whether you're looking to lose or gain weight, improve your sleep, or invest in your future health, our Health Coaching Program and Medication Assisted Weight Loss Program will assist you in meeting your goals.





Dr. Toombs-Withers is passionate about sharing her knowledge with patients to help you achieve the balance of healthful nutrition, mindfulness practices and intentional movement to give you the lifestyle you deserve. Her unique, concierge approach to healthcare allows her to hear your concerns, get to know you as a person, and help you to develop and achieve your health and wellness goals.



Patients who are part of the health and wellness coaching program will also have access to in-office physical exams or virtual appointments at a discounted rate with priority scheduling. 



Medication Therapy

Prescription Medication Therapy is available to assist in Weight Management.


Medication options include FDA approved medications for weight loss including Semaglutide and more. 


Enrollment into the coaching program is encouraged for the Medication Assisted Weight Management program in that it is the combination of the knowledge gained in the coaching program PLUS the medication gets an individual with the challenges of weight loss, the best results.


The Medication Assisted Weight Management program is included for Members enrolled into the Lifestyle Medicine Membership Program. This cost includes a body composition analysis scan, physical examination and review of your lab results , EKG (depending on the medication prescribed) along with a prescription for the appropriate medication (does not include the cost of the medication).


For non-Members, prices are per visit. 


If you have health insurance that covers "out of network" care, you may qualify for reimbursement for the in-office appointments using Reimbursify.


Schedule of appointments

In office appointment with Dr. Toombs-Withers to start medication

Follow-up telehealth appointment in 1 month after starting medication to monitor weight and check for any adverse reactions.

Follow-up in office at month 3 for weight check and repeat labwork.

Dose adjustments between office visits (if needed) may be done via telehealth appointment.

Will need an in office visit and labwork every 3 months for monitoring while on medication therapy.

Online Meeting

Get Started Today

Experience the unparalleled feeling of being empowered in your body when you join our wellness coaching program. Reach out to us today to get started.

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